Phishing is cyber criminals, state actors of hostile governments, sending emails persuading you to provide your personal information, intellectual property, or cash.   Traditional cyber security tools include signature based anti-virus, firewalls, and a Virtual Private Network, VPN, for your mobile workforce. Today we add multi-factor authentication, MFA, and website orRead More
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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted in 1990, marked a significant step towards eliminating discrimination based on disability. While initially addressing physical spaces, the ADA’s reach has extended to the digital realm, especially concerning websites. However, as we venture into 2024, the application of ADA regulations to websites remainsRead More
Zero Day Exploit targeting Google Chrome, MS Edge, other Chromium browsers – and Emergency Fix We just learned of a “Zero Day Exploit” targeting Chromium browsers, including Google Chrome MS Edge, and various cell-phone browsers. Google and MS have released patches. This effects computers running MS Windows and Apple MacsRead More
How important is Risk Management in Project Management? Military campaigns meet the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) definition for projects. They are meant to be temporary endeavors undertaken to create specific results. Generals, Admirals, and other officers are Project Managers, albeit with other titles. Colossal failures throughout history, including Napoleon’s invasionRead More
In 2010, we presented a plan to a law firm to expand its Backup and Disaster Recovery system (DR) into a Business Continuity system (BC). Disaster Recovery enables a business to resume operations after a disaster concludes; Business Continuity allows the business to operate during and after the disaster. TheRead More