We help our clients migrate their companies to a private or public cloud platform. Many of our clients have successfully moved over to Office365 and Azure.

What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving all or part of your company’s data, applications and services from on-site or dedicated servers into the cloud. Migrating to the cloud offers the ability to instantly streamline operations, reduce IT costs and deliver a platform for future sustainability.

What are the benefits of cloud migration?

There are several reasons why cloud computing can make sense for your business.
Cloud migration reduces the cost and complexity of running datacenters. It allows employees to work across any device. It can unlock insights from any data. It can be used to create new business apps (and transform existing ones).

CPU, hard disk space, and memory storage get used up quickly on a traditional server, but not in the cloud. Features such as on-demand load-balancers, firewalls, IDS, and additional storage can be deployed in an instant, which will have little or no impact on your service.

Operating System reloads are a great benefit of the cloud. If there is a problem with the OS, it just has to be reloaded again, and in less than half hour, the new OS is up and running again. This is a huge advantage over a traditional server.