Morris Djavaheri, CEO

Morris has over 28 years of experience with server and storage virtualization, software development, project management, business analysis, financial applications and financial risk management. He has designed and constructed Internet and intranet applications, CRM, e-commerce sites, and trading systems utilizing real-time streaming market data.

Morris founded ana’s cloud, a Microsoft Certified Partner, in early 2000. Ana’s cloud was established to put the full power of the Web at the clients’ disposal, enabling maximum profitability of e-commerce sites and cloud computing.

A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a BS in Computer Science, Morris went on to complete a Masters Degree in Computer Science at San Francisco State. He has solid knowledge of programming languages, applications, and operating systems, and has worked with many different software development platforms, from UNIX to Windows 2008.

Larry Furman, MBA, PMP

Larry is currently a Project Manager at the U. S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. He has over 25 years of experience, including 11 years as Director of IT at law firms, and consulting in the financial and telecommunications industries. He has worked with Morris Djavaheri and the team at Ana’s Cloud since 2005.

Dale A. Johnson, CTO

Dale earned his wings working with complex systems in the US Air Force as an avionics technician and instructor. Years of flight line aircraft maintenance gave him insight into troubleshooting, with a sharp focus on details in a mission-critical setting. Dale spent many years as a network services manager in the hospital information systems industry. He has served as a senior managing consultant to many world-class corporations, including AT&T, Optimark Technologies, and Merrill Lynch. Dale’s work has always been at the leading edge of IT systems technology, and his work for Ana’s Cloud is a natural extension of his developmental expertise.

Stan Osborne, Director of System Integration

Stan is a creative, versatile and insightful programmer, highly skilled in analysis, design, integration, quality assurance and project management. He has broad experience creating robust, high performance and secure networked applications using the most current best-practices, technologies and methods. Another leading-edge veteran, Stan is adept at understanding and successfully incorporating new technologies.