Zero Day Exploit

Zero Day Exploit targeting Google Chrome, MS Edge, other Chromium browsers – and Emergency Fix

We just learned of a “Zero Day Exploit” targeting Chromium browsers, including Google Chrome MS Edge, and various cell-phone browsers. Google and MS have released patches. This effects computers running MS Windows and Apple Macs running MacOS. It also effects iPads and other tablets running Google Chrome and MS Edge. 

It does not effect Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari as they are not based on Chromium. 

To address the vulnerability, install the emergency updates:

* For Chrome, version 99.0.4844.84.

* For Edge, version 99.0.1150.553. 

This also effects Chrome and other “Chromium” similar browsers on cell phones. 

Safari on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone is not subject to this hack. 

The details are here on

Lawrence Furman, MBA, PMP

Leveraging Technology for the Individual and the Enterprise